KBx members have combined experience exceeding 500 years and represent some of the best and most successful operating companies in the country. I have been a member for over eight years and am still amazed at the wealth of information shared among members… knowledge I use to make my company better!

Joe JacobusChief Executive OfficerMarkraft Cabinets

KBx is an amazing organization and a rich environment for the top kitchen and bath business professionals in our industry. I am constantly amazed at how many great people I meet and the caliber of knowledge and experience they possess. The atmosphere is high-energy and the people are outgoing and willing to share best practices, advice that I have personally found to be priceless. If you surround yourself with likeminded people and bring positive energy to the table, it will drive high-performing results. I recommend KBx to anyone who wants to expand their business and advance their personal development.

Jeffery L. CollamoreChief Business Development OfficerKitchen Art Design Center

As a KBx member, we belong to a group of kitchen and bath companies that are the top in their respective areas of operation. We openly share best practices for operating our businesses and best products to service our clients. Many of us have made major changes within our businesses because of the knowledge gained from the exchange of information shared at KBx meetings. As a bonus, our collective group purchases help us earn an annual rebate check.

The national conferences, hosted in some of the greatest locations, lights a fire inside me to improve myself and my business.

Howard KuretzkyPresidentKurtis Kitchen & Bath